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I have had my 1st. Kia under a month its an Xceed PHEV, veer y pleased with it so far other than yesterday, I tried to phone my wife to say I was leaving for home, dialled up Ok she answered, I could hear her but she could not make out what I was saying as it was too quiet and broken up. Any ideas please.

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I am no iPhone expert, but the first thing I would do is delete the Bluetooth link on both your car and your phone, then relink them. I would restart the phone before relinking. Doing this removes any potential errors on the link. It has worked for me in the past.
The other thing you can do is simply turn the volume up on the car whilst you are on a phone call. I think you may have to do that by using the rotary volume control on the media system, but experiment with both volume controls.
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