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So I purchased a 2021 MY with a new 1.5 Turbo petrol engine and top-spec trim. I just love the car - I traded in my 2016 Sportage for it.
It came on 18" wheels and I managed to hustle an extra set of winter tires from the dealer. I decided to sell the summer Conti tires it came with and got myself a beautiful set of 20" German Motec wheels. I also chose the new UUHP tire from Bridgestone - POTENZA SPORT in 235/35 R20 size.
I drove like 500km on the setup and it is a bliss of grip and handling. Comfort remained identical, which I suppose is contributed to summer tires having gentler sidewalls, and of course, the Xceed has a long suspension travel.

I was also curious about a wheel and tire difference in weight; 20" Motec + Potenza vs stock 18" + winter Bridgestone's.
SO I am also happy to say that the difference is negligible. 20" setup is 23,2 Kg and stock 18" was exactly 23 Kg on the scale per wheel. So overall I am very happy with the results. Attached are few pics right after installation.

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