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No but why would you want to?

Premium brand SUV-s have these options by default - albeit by push of the button :) SO its nothing surprising to have an option of higher/lower or softer/harder suspension if you want to. So unlike them - we can only swap out hardware to change how car behaves.

Now to answer your question - I chose Xceed over a regular Ceed because it is a much better-looking car and feels more priemium - I love it. I came from Sportage QLE, since I wanted something with a lower center of gravity, yet still some in/out comfort. The funny thing is - Xceed and Sportage have identical ride height of 17cm from the ground - it
doesn't bother me from aesthetic POW. But I gave the car 20" wheels with very aggressive rubber (Bridgestone Potenza sport) because I love the grip. Now the tires as you can imagine are performing admirably in turns, but the car dives and weaves and needs time to settle during hard cornering - a bit too much for my taste. And since the roads I drive on are pretty smooth - no comfort issues - I am looking for a simple option of lowering the center of gravity and a bit firmer ride. I know that there are fantastic options out there with premium options like coilowers from KW, but frankly that is just too expensive for such a car - makes no sense to invest thousands. So yes - I was wondering if anyone did such an simple upgrade as lowering springs and what were the results.

BTW this is what it looks like with Eibach:

SO it still looks pretty "normal", 25-30mm lower, and not "slammed" which I hate when I see some lowered SUV/s
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