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I wonder if anyone can help. I have a Carens 2.0 CRDI 2009 that wont start. What I have found is that if I remove the vacuum hose from Wastegate actuator valve on turbo it starts and runs but not any real power (as you would expect with no turbo control). If I re attach the hose it stalls the engine. There are no fault codes. I have disconnected the large hose from the inlet manifold (coming from the intercooler) so it is sucking air in from the atmosphere but it is excactly the same (so compressor side of the turbo and EGR are out of the loop). I have disconnected the exhaust immediately after the turbo but it is excactly the same (thought it might be the CAT). So I think the fuel side of things are ok as it runs ok with the wastegate hose off. When idling if I connect the hose the wastegate arm moves the full length of its travel before the engine dies. Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks

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