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Wow, first Ive heard of heater plugs been controlled by by an outside temperature sensor?The heater plugs/glow plugs are activated when the ignition is turned on!
Absolutely right re the crdi, but, still the heater plugs are activated. Only difference with this type of fuel injection is that you do not need to wait till' the light goes out. But, during cold weather it helps to start if you delay by few seconds.
There are many causes for the engine failing to start on a cold morning. If your battery is older than 2 yrs it could be down a bit. A diesel engine needs to spin fast enough to build up enough compression. Cold weather contracts metal, piston/piston rings contract thus failing to build compression.
Where and when did you fill your fuel tank? did the fuel station stock the winter grade fuel?
One could go on and on speculating. This is a process of elimination which is difficult to manage on line. Take it to a reputable mechanic
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