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Good evening all, oh good that shows my age I remember some old policeman saying that. Ok, back to my new Kia. I have purchased a ceed 2 crdi 1600 "hi power" and am very pleased thus far. two things have slightly tarnished my new toy tho....
1)..According to my manual I should have had supplied with the car a lead of some sort to plug an Ipod into it...whatever the hell that is. I can't find it so assume that it is still at the dealership somewhere. They of course are saying I shouldn't have one.

2)..Far more important as I am "old school". My oil pressure light takes at least 2 seconds to extinguish on either cold or warm start this normal ???

My last cars oil light was out worries.

Anyones advice would be greatly appreciated, even if it means starting your own car up from cold to try it for me !!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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