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cavey76 said:
Hi, Newbie here who is possible a few weeks, nay days away from becoming a Sedona owner. Fifth child on the way so the Honda FRV is being relegated to 1st reserve and my old golf is being traded in against either of the following to cars.
2007 2.9 Sedona LS 80K Miles. Going for £5450

2006 2.9 Sedona GS 49K Miles. Going for £6490.

The 07(80K'er) car is a bit dirtier inside but none the worse for wear outside and i think a £50 platinum valet at the local lithuanian carwash would have it lookingprobably just as good inside. The reason is it is so tempting is all those lovely goodies, leccy doors, DVD player,etc.

Planning to test drive them this weekend but really all i am fussed about is longevity. Assuming i oil, service and filter the beast once a year should an 80K Sedona prove to be a good bet?

I see plenty of the old generation Sedonas on the road so it strikes me as a car that goes and goes and goes. That is the sort of motoring i it till they die but look after it along the way. I get a buzz from knowing my car is ancient, valueless but costs me nowt per month.

So any advice on people with high mile Sedonas? Or things i should look out for?

Thanks in advance

I've got a W reg (year2000) 2.9 Sedona that has 90,000 miles on it. The main thing to check for is the cambelt was changed at 60,000 and look at the rear heater pipes where they go over the spare wheel as these tend to rust out dropping the coolant on the drive if not noticed lead to headgasket failure. Aside from that just check what you would normally check on a used car.
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