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Hi, I'm relatively new here and you guys have been much of a help and knowledge to me.
I live in the capital of Macedonia, so sorry if I'm being being inconvenient for my English.
The reason I am here is because I own a Kia Picanto lx from 2007 witch came with no additional options like radio, a/c, electric windows etc. and it's still that way. I am first owner so the engine is in a pretty good shape but I want to be faster at acceleration and wouldn't mind too much for the top speed. Not expecting to drive 200km/h with that tin can :ROFLMAO: Overall I'd love to pull off a little more power from the engine, mine is 998cc petrol with 70.000km, 44kw /around 60hp.
I would start with the chassis, suspension, brakes, bigger pneumatics but still keep 13' alloy wheels. After comes the engine in witch I don't know much about. Any leads??
PS: The Balkan is short on parts for Kia.. so if you know some websites with shipment I would be grateful.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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