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I'm just curious whether someone else has had this problem.

I spotted a couple of small rust spots forming on my drivers door sill (2013 Pro Ceed) and found that after it rains the door seal feels very wet – mostly on the bottom of the door. You can actually squeeze the seal and feel water trapped inside the hollow bit of the seal. There are very small holes which appear to be factory made (drainage holes?) in multiple places on the bottom of the seal, and water leaks out when you squeeze it. The rust spots have formed where the (wet) seal meets the sill when the door is closed.

The passenger side doesn't appear to have this problem and feels dry to the touch. I'm not sure where the water is getting in. I need to investigate further but had a cursory look and the seal seems to be in decent condition with no obvious damage.

Just thought I'd throw a post up in case someone else has come across this problem before. I'll document my findings here when I get chance to investigate further.
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