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core player instructions from spanish site the translation is worse than my spelling also link for the first down load is in here to

The first thing I'd recommend is that we use it
sparingly, driving with a film to reach our eyes is certainly

That said, let the mess. The first thing you need is the

I've uploaded a zip file also contains the config.xml.
(Then told us why)

Decompress the file on a USB stick and copiais in
"Storage Card", under "My Device".

If you execute the player.exe, it will be opened the
program and will ask for a serial number.

We could get the serial (in the file sn.txt any) and the
program would work. The problem is that harcelo and typing it out on the
screen is unbearable.

The best option is, before opening the program, copy the
config.xml file in the Application DataCorePlayer path (if there's CorePlayer
folder you can create by hand.)

This file contains the serial program and other
settings, and is the first thing he checks the system to launch the
player. Seeing that the file exists and contains a valid serial
number, we will open it without asking anything.

The audio is functioning really has no merit, and wonder
at the Russian forum not proven, but the problem was that if we go to Windows CE
with the radio, it still sounds and cancel the windows audio .

But if we listen to an mp3 of a USB stick, when entering
windows, the music stops and takes over the audio operating system, so that the
audio of the video will run smoothly.

So far so good, the problem is that the system is turned
off (after 10 min. To turn off the car), bears no change in the OS or the
registry, which makes us ask the serial, and would have to do again the process
of copying the config.xml, blah, blah, blah

To avoid this I have prepared a small executable, I hope
we can keep improving because it is very simple, that what we do is automate
this process, creating folders, copying files, and launch the

Tomorrow I finish it and hang it, but meanwhile I think
we already have to fiddling a bit all right?

One more thing, after entering Windows, much as we
return to normal with the file Lisa.exe, the rear camera will not work (at least
in mine), until you restart the system.

Sure I miss something, but this time I hope to be

Ala, all to try and hope that no one upload your pileup



PS: Vaya Rollo that he stuck in

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second download that gives us the bat file spanish again

I hang a file to automate the process of running the

Is compressed into a zip file, decompress it and
declare it a usb copiais.

It's a bat. Soooo simple: create the necessary folders,
copy the config.xml file and launches the Coreplayer.

To work, the folder "CorePlayer" must be copied to the
root, that is hanging directly to "\ Storage Card"

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It's the black lead that goes to the car AUX that's a bit hit and miss iv ordered one and I'll let you know if it's ok and a link to the site it's only £7
but the iPhone lead was £30 from hmv I know you can get them cheep but also heard that they may not work

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In an ideal world yes but I just used a connecting block so that joins the males together have a nother wee look at the video you will see it
I just don't get how this new lead won't connect the video iv got sound ok I'm trying to find out from my mate exactly what the working lead is from

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hope this helps iv ordered the nokia cable got it for 10p second hand the post is lifted from the kia fourms site
Why do you get lines or no picture or a hum.<br itxtNodeId="958"><br itxtNodeId="957">It lies on the occupation of the pins of the female 4-pin jack,
sitting in the Sportage the AUX. Because this is differend than the standard.<br itxtNodeId="956"><br itxtNodeId="955">So when you have a male pin jack that is
different then you have no picture or lines or a hum.<br itxtNodeId="954">Usually you get a standard camcorder cable described as below
in the picture.<br itxtNodeId="953"><br itxtNodeId="952">Here a picture of the
different pin occupation of the 4 pin jack<br itxtNodeId="951"><br itxtNodeId="950">
<br itxtNodeId="948"><br itxtNodeId="947">The only good is the top one. 1.Ground,
2.Video, 3.Right, 4.Left<br itxtNodeId="946"><br itxtNodeId="945">If you use a
cable with on two side 4-pin jack, you have to know the pin occupation of the
device which you are connecting, This must be the same.<br itxtNodeId="944"><br itxtNodeId="943">Does it have also the same pin occupation then it works, eg
Nokia 5800 express music or Samsung GT-i5800.<br itxtNodeId="942"><br itxtNodeId="941">Does your device not have the same pin layout than a 4-pin jack
or a completly different connection then you need to work with other cables or
adapters.<br itxtNodeId="940"><br itxtNodeId="939">The Nokia CA-75U, for
example, a cable suitable for the sportage which has the correct pin occupation
for the AUX.<br itxtNodeId="938"><br itxtNodeId="937">Here a pdf I believe this
is the same for all cars with USB and AUX.<br itxtNodeId="936">usb ipod.pdf
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