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Has the car been serviced by Kia dealers as per schedule? Or by a independent, in which case you will need invoices with Kia part no's on used in the service.
To ensure warranty is intact. Although rattles should not be a issue, unless the bodywork inspection has not been done, & this can only be done by a Kia dealer.

Can you work out where the rattle is coming from? As well as having ruled out something loose moving around?

TBH. No reason a tech could not go out and listen themselves, with pointers from yourself.

I would also very much say that any RAC/AA or dealer check, will possibly not include a drive, only a look/poke round. Which clearly will not pick up any rattles.

As this is a Ceed. I'm going to move to Ceed section & see if other owners can give pointers to what it may be.

I know in my old Stonic, it had a rattler that took ages to work out was caused by sun visor, but only when it was in the down position. Ended up just living with it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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