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A couple of weeks ago our Xceed warned us that we were low on fuel and directed us to the nearest fuel station (well, it did but it was shut so we had to find another!). We filled up and carried on our way. Ever since then there has been the attached low fuel warning symbol displayed on our UVO app which won't go away. How do we get rid of it?


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Hi TSY83

That's odd, have you uninstalled the old UVO app? Could you also perform a manual reset of the car's touchscreen by inserting the nib of a pen in the pinhole, then once back online, force close and restart the new app again.

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I have just uninstalled the old app and the symbol is still on the new one. I'll have to wait until my wife is home from work to hard reset the infotainment system.
I believe our car's infotainment system needs updating anyway even though I asked the dealer we bought it from to do it before we collected it
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