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The story / history :

I have a UK spec car with auto dim rear view mirror. I wanted the Homelink mirror. I sourced one from the states.

The mirror / fittings / wiring plug are a straight swap but it would appear that the plug pin locations are different so I need to swap them around.

First problem :

The info from the kia tech site on the retrofit mirror is considerably different to the OE fitted version ...

Second problem :

The multi plug has ten positions, only three are needed (earth, permanent live and ignition live)

The mirror I bought has had the plug taken off the wiring loom supplied with it so I don't know the standard positions :

Note : I don't need the loom, I only wanted to reference it for the pin positions.

My car has the same plug and has three wires :

Pin 6 = Orange = Ignition live
Pin 7 = Red = Earth
Pin 8 = Black = Earth

Seems strange, but I have checked it a few times ...

If I plug the new mirror in the auto dim works but the Homelink is not powered up.

So, my questions are :

A) What pin position is the live feed on the Homelink ?

B) Why do I appear to have two earths on my standard mirror wiring ?

C) Anyone got access to the UK wiring diagram showing these wires ?

D) Anyone got access to the USA wiring diagram showing these wires (with the Homelink option) ?

Note : I am quite happy to bridge my ignition live to use it as the live for the Homelink - seems more sensible than the Kia way of having it live even when the keys aren't in ?

Really looking for some good help on this guys, all input appreciated.

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