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HI folks ...

The car's going very well. Now with over 18,500 miles on and still going strong. Been on a couple of long(ish) journeys recently and MPG is still fantastic .... 300 mile round trip to Norwich and back on monday resulted in 69.6 MPG and a 500 mile trip to Cornwall and back yesterday managed 61 but that was quite a bit of country road driving and town stuff!!

New set of tyres needed very soon me thinks!!! Ouch, it's gonna hurt!!!

Seen a few other Pro Cee'ds lately ..... a red one on the M40(Sunday), onenear Kingsbridge in Cornwall andanother on the A14 on Monday ...... wonder if that was YESITSMEAGAIN???? looks good de-badged anyway whoever it is!!!!!

Laters Guys

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