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A little help needed!
Sportage 2.0 crdi 4WD early European built model (57 plate)
Recently returned to main dealer for some warranty work - aircon compressor replaced, suspension bushes / link rods (?) and clutch plate + thrust bearing.
Excellent service from dealer - no complaints although work took longer than expected.

Having had the car back now for a few weeks I notice that there's a whistling noise from (I assume) the turbo - it sounds like an air leak and gets louder or quieter depending on the throttle / engine load. I've had a good look at all the plumbing and can't see anything obviously loose. Could it be the wastegate? I'm pretty sure it didn't make the noise before the repairs.

I've read eleswhere on the forum that there is an ECU software change / updatecarried out by dealers - could this affect the turbo?

On a slightly different note, when I was poking about underneath the car I noticed a small rubber tube attached to the exhaust cat (?) - does anybody know what this is? The tube disappears back up towards the top of the front bulkhead.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!
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