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2014 Kia Rio 1.25L
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Hi All,

The TPMS has been working fine until recently. We had a couple of tyres replaced like for like and the TPMS valves are assumed not to be damaged in the process. As I remember no TPMS light on.

I then swapped the back wheels for the front wheels and don't remember the TPMS light being on. However, at some point after that the light did come on and I checked all 4 tyres (no spare) and set them to 32psi as per the door sticker. After a week or so the light still hadn't gone out so I upped the pressures to 33psi. More time passes and still the light hasn't gone out.

Has anyone experienced this? The light doesn't flash for a minute at start up so presumably the TPMS isn't faulty or is it!?

Many thanks in advance.
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