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I have a 2007 Kia Carens 2.0CRDi
(brilliant car) which I use for towing a caravan (brilliant tow car!). When I first had
the tow bar fitted, I had an older, smaller caravan, and although
when coupled up the tow bar seemed very low, I never had any problems
(due to the Kia's curving rear valance, the plate holding the
electric plugs for the tow-bar have to be mounted beneath the tow bar
itself, pretty low). The Kia had done 85,000 miles at this point, so
maybe the rear shocks were getting tired anyway. I then bought a
newer, bigger caravan, which had a higher nose weight, and when
coupled, the tow bar was now very low and the plug plate would
sometimes scrape on speed bumps etc. I had several in-depth
discussions with the place that fitted the tow bar, the place I
bought the van off, all of which frankly were no help. How to raise
the height of the tow bar? I had started off asking my local Kia
dealers, who had said nothing could be done. HOWEVER, this was not
actually true! What they meant was that: there was no Kia approved
after-market shocks available, and they were not allowed to fit
anything not Kia approved, as this invalidates the Kia warranty
connected with that part. If they had said this from the start, it
would have saved me a huge amount of hassle, but they just said
'nothing can be done'. I eventually found excellent after-market rear
shocks from a Dutch specialist company MAD, sold in the UK through
Peter Bowman Towing Centre, Bury. The two rear shocks cost £238
delivered and my local garage charged £48 to fit. These springs are
progressive ""“ the more load they have, the more they resist, so
they don't 'give' like normal springs. Problem solved. The tow bar is
now about 2 inches higher at rest, and although still a bit low, does
not ground anymore. Handling of the Kia is just the same (maybe
slightly better, but that might just be me). Only downside ""“
warranty relating to rear shocks is now invalidated, but I think
that's a small price to pay compared to having to change the car
altogether! That would have cost me thousands and I love the Carens.
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