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phil866 said:
I think that it's the 6 year thats triggered the replacement rather than the mileage rcpinsa. I don't think Kia's are much different to any other manufacturer that has a cambelt engine in that respect. I do understand however that the Rio 1.3 and 1.5 engines have little latitude with their belts and I would recommend replacing sooner rather than later. The money has to be spent at some point anyway!
Best of luck with it.


I note you are from Sleaford Phil. I was driving my 04 Rio through Sleaford yesterday on my way to a family funeral in Boston (I was born and raised in Sleaford before joining the Navy and my Dad is buried in the cemetery there).
I bought my 04 Rio 1.3 LXfrom a main agent in Lee On Solent last month and she only had 13000 miles on the clock (it was used as an occasional second car). She's been on two day trips to Lincolnshire of around 470 miles each round trip and she's behaved perfectly. Even though she's well under the mileage change criteria, the age criteria kicks in and the cambelt was replaced last August on her sixth birthday. I bought my wife a 52 plate 1.3 LX Rio about 18 months ago and she hasn't managed to break it, so when this one came on the market I decided to give it a go. These Rios areno motorway cruisers (unlike my old Rover 400 2 litre turbo diesel) but she is a good town cruiser and the load space is great for my shooting and fishing trips. They appear to be pretty reliable cars compared to some makes.
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