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Ok so the subject might not be all it seams but being a "young un" i thought i would recommend a few games that people might be willing to give a try..

First is Kerbal Space Program...Make rockets from different parts and try get into orbit, land on the moon or blast into the sun.

Battlefield heroes...A free online multiplayer shooting, burning, blowing up, online game with a cartoon/comedy vibe.

Battlefield play4free...another free online multiplayer game with the same principal as heroes above although more serious and realistic

Minecraft...Block based mining game that is literally flooding youtube with user's creations. building, underwater glass domes ect...Worth checking youtube before you try it as it's no longer free, but i think there is a free older version if you want to give it a try out first

Other than minecraft, all the above are free to play AT THE MIN!! All the games have downloads but there fairly simple to install. The battlefield games are free with instore purchacing of better equipment. Kerbal is an indevelopment game. Its getting better month on month as more features are added but you'll have to pay up the massive amount of $7 if you want to get those, although the latest version is the last free update which will be available at any time.

Anyway if anyone else has a game, program or feature that makes the time fly...feel free to add to the thread and if you do try out any of the battlefield games my user is...RichieD76..add me!
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