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They are becoming very popular here in the US. It's similar to the VW Beetle of the 60's & 70's outbreak in the US. THE auto of the revolution as it was described quite often. I owned about 4 of them over the years and an equal number of vans. My favorites were the Camper Van and the Double Cab truck model.

I wish you could put the back seats along the walls as in the Honda Element but overall it's been

usefull so far. I put a tow hitch on it and can tow my aluminum trailer which is set up for motorcycle

and scooter hauling.

The engine area is quite roomy which will allow me to do most of my own work. Just wish service and parts manuals were as well prepared and distributed like the Honda manuals. I do have the Soul's Service manual which is on cd and .pdf files. Not nearly as well written as the Hondas, though. Useable but not as logical.
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