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I'm a Kia owner. To be honest, I hate the thing. I bought my Sedona new on the last couple of days of the '05 UK plate and it worked reasonably well for a couple of years. Since then we've had a catalogue of things go wrong including gearbox, clutch assembly and thrust bearing, gear selector cable, alternator ... to the point where the car has just broken down again (gearbox again) and I want to get rid of it. I checked a few months ago and the book value was still reasonable - £4-5K given the 50K miles and age of the car. I checked yesterday and the values have been re-written (I think) by a new offer from Kia.

Kia approved used cars now come with a 7 year warranty, and they are pricing them at around the same price as private sales.

So I've now found that I can buy an approved used Sedona, a year younger than mine with about the same mileage and spec for £5.5k.

What has this done to the resale value of mine? Halved it. In one simple move Kia have completely destroyed the resale value of their cars through any channel other than their approved used program - they're offering a comparable price with a warranty that no one can match.

Great. Thanks Kia.

And if you are thinking of buying one, as we all know, cars don't last forever - so make sure you have planned how you'll sell your Kia when the time comes because if you're in the UK, private sale isn't an options without taking a *very* heavy hit on the price.

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