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On the first day of Christmas Kia sent to me......

A Used Sorento XSE

On the second day of christmas Kia Sent to me......

1 Used Sorento XSE
2 Rio Chills

On the third day of christmas Kia sent to me.......

1 Used Sorento XSE
2 Rio Chills
3 Cee'd Essse Dubya (SW)

ill let you carry on!

4 Venga Diesel
5 Magentis
6 Sportage Titan
7 Cee'd Strike Petrol
8 New Sedona
9 Soul Originals
10 White Picanto
11 Facelift Pro_Cee'd
12 Carens GS

Merry Christmas Kia Owners Club.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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