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Hi, new to the group and new to Kia's so any advice gratefully recieved.
Test driving a Kia Rio Strike 09 Auto tomorrow... currently drive a 08 Corsa Design Auto and love my car....
How do the 2 compare and is there anything I should be aware of (pulling the single female card on this).
It's done 43k miles....
Thank you if I get a response b4 tomorrow 馃槉

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I've never driven a Corsa, so not sure about comparisons, however here's what I like about my '08 Rio.
There's more room in the back seats than you'd expect from a little hatchback, it's got alloys & disc brakes all round, it, and, touch wood, it's reliable. The steering is really light compared to the last car we had (Astra diesel).
What I don't like. There's no engine temperature guage, the boot is not as big as I'd like cos I carry a lot of stuff around as I don't have a garage or a shed. However the back seats fold totally flat very easily and we regularly carry our folding bikes in it along with all the other crap. The throttle pedal is very light on mine, which means it's very easy to do kangaroo starts, especially when it's cold.
Things that I've had to replace in 6 years of ownership.
Track rod ends.
Bottom wishbones.
All 4 discs and pads, (not callipers though)
Anti-roll bar drop links.
Immobilizer sender coil (relatively easy, part cost about 拢25 from dealer)
Front to rear brake pipes.

Apart from the brake pipes, I'd expect that kind of list from any 13 year old car over 6 years.

Mine is a 1.5 diesel and I think the strike is a 1.4 petrol, so performance should be about the same IE. fairly nippy. Mpg is quoted as about 40.

Hope this helps.
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