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as new member first of all wish to say hello to all of you!

When temperature gauge would work as I suspect it should, I would be more than happy, but it works annoying so at least to say. :) As I'm not sure if that's normal for Pro_Cee'd, would appreciate to hear how gauge behaves on your cars.

As far as I can remember when car was new, gauge was raising to exactly middle of the scale (90C) and would be practically fixed there, no matter if I drive long uphill, downhill, etc...

But some time ago, it started to raise to aprox. 87C and it's fixed there (again no matter to driving conditions and outside temperature). I compared gauge output with obd2 coolant temperature reading and it seems that gauge is pretty accurate until 87C where it freezes. It's not the end of the world but I was worried if I could rely on gauge if car really overheats so I decided to connect 250ohm pot instead of coolant temperature sensor and simulate higher engine temperatures. When I set temperature at 100C (obd2 reading), gauge is still at 87C, at 110C (obd2 reading), gauge shows 90C, which is biggest difference from gauge vs. obd2 value. Above that, as I go closer to 125C (obd2), difference from gauge and obd2 is smaller and smaller, and at the final 125C gauge is also at 125C.
Is this normal??? Would suspect gauge should be linear.

As I've read, on today cars, temperature value from sensor is processed to filter small temp. oscilations around normal engine temperature to fix gauge at the middle. Can anyone confirm that is the case with our kias? Also, has someone monitored temperatures on very hot days and with higher engine load? What is maximum observed temperature in that conditions? I've seen maximum of 101C after really long uphill - would that be too much? Does anyone know what is normal operating engine temp. for this car?

Would really appreciate your thoughts and like to compare gauge behaviors.

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