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I'm not bothered with a remap or additional power, 200bhp is more than enough for me (I use my Triumph Street Triple if I want to get anywhere quickly, lol), I just want more responsiveness on the loud pedal
I think this is similar to the "sport" switch we had on our Astra K 1.4 SRi. Switch that on at the lights and all hell broke out. Too responsive. Our current Astra K is a 1.6T Elite and doesn't have it. We don't miss it.

As for the Kia, I added the BSR Optiflow Filter System which made the car more responsive (£139). The turbo can still be a bit laggy below 4000 revs though and you may not like the whoosh, but I'd recommend it. Looks good too.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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