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Hi fellow Caren owners.
The hinge ofthe mirror on the N/S sun visor has snapped (the left hand end).

When I took the car to my dealer for its 20,000 mile service I asked for the sun visor to be changed under warranty and a alloy wheel to be checked because it is showing signs of corrosion on the inner edge of the spokes (they had replaced one earlier for the same problem)

Kia have rejected both claims. The sun visor mirror hinge they claim through misuse??? (how do you misuse a sunvisor mirror especially when we hardly use it) also they have not had any claims for this before.

Have any of my fellow Caren owners 08 Reg had this happen? Please could you look.

I looked at the broken hinge it looks like it is very tight on its pivot bar!

Regarding the alloy wheel. They claim this is normal for a car of approx 14,500 miles less than 2 years old to have this happenI have also noticed both N/S wheels are starting to show signs of corrosion.

We also have the preverbal hesitation ,which Kiait seemshave been trying to find a fix for over a yearfor different owners. It dos'nt bode well for us.(We are now doing another 250 mile after theour dealer checked through the system) will hopefully keep you informed.

We do wonder what the 5 and now 7 year warranty on later vehiclesis realy worth

Regards Carens08
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