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...unfortunately not in Ribena/Coke/juice way but in the can't get the blasted thing to move forward or backward on the rollers way.

Third row seat one of them is jammed. I'd like to slide it forwarded 3-4 inches to gain the boot space which will be necessary when number 5 arrives in a few weeks time. The seat on the LHS slides back and forth easily enough leaving plenty of boot space on that side but on the sticky one it seems like one runner is jammed solid. I have hovered all the gank, stones and pubes out from under there
(lovely job). Soaked it in WD40 and had a hoak around with a long screw driver. A few decent sized stones and a we screw appeared but the runner is still jammed solid. The one on the other side "seems" to move freely as in when i use brut force and ignorance it gives a little but the other side is still jammed. Had the seat entirely out to aid access but again no obvious signs of what the issue is.

Any hints or tips or do i just go to a Kia dealer and pay my dues?

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