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2012 Sporatge 2.0 CRDi KX-3
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Hi all,

The quest continues, got the DAB unit today, but I can't fit it as the Connects2 wiring kit hasn't arrived.... Even though I brought it on Tuesday and paid for 24 hour delivery... Not happy, but something had to go wrong!

Anyhow I've just realised that I don't have an aerial adapter.... Now for the tricky bit... I know I need a Fakra to Din, but does it need to be amplified?
Only ask as the new aerial I've got already has a +12v connection, which from what I can see is pretty much the same as the factory aerial. So why do Connects2 show an amplified adapter in their Sportage kits... does not compute :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts