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Hi all,
I'm experiencing knocking from my steering rack when cornering over small humps, uneven surfaces on the road. I've already replaced both front wishbones and bushes. Complete rear axle under warranty but noise still present. Keep in mind that I'm am a senior tech for another brand but not sure if this would be a warranty item on my beloved 2017 Cee'd GT line estate which is currently running with 19" wheels from i30N so there is a " modification" on the vehicle but not sure how Kia warranty procedures works.

Any ideas as I'm not looking forward to replace steering rack on my own expense.

P.S. Vehicle went through thorough inspection on shaker plates etc as well as Hunter laser 4 wheel alignment after all repairs were made by the dealer and myself.

BTW did anyone managed to run android auto bon gen 2 head unit as I've seen some firmware/software mods flaunting on the market?

Best regards Georgi
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