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When I sold my previous car I retained the winter tyres and had them fitted to my new Venga 1.4 last week. However, I now have a set of 'summer' tyres without wheels so will need to have them transferred to the original wheels at the end of the winter, and store the winter tyres until October..I would like to get a spare set of steel wheels to put these tyres on which will make future changes much easier. However, in spite of numerous internet enquiries and searches, I have failed to track down 4 x Venga steel wheels. Main dealer quotes almost £400 for a new set but that is way too much (the set for my old Zafira - same size tyres at 195/65/15 - cost me £40 delivered from a vehicle dismantlers).
Has anyone else experienced the same problems and if so, did they have any success?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.
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