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Hi Guys, my 2006 Sportage XE, 2 litre Diesel has an intermittant starting fault. Although it has done 125000 miles it has been really reliable until about 3 weeks ago.

Sometimes when starting up, the engine turns over and fires up straight away and within a second or two it stalls. Upon trying to restart, it turns over several time before starting and then runs as normal. Sometimesafter intial start up/stallingand restarting, it runs below tickover speed andpressing theaccelleraterpedal has no effect.

This can happen at any time of the day, wether its been stood all night or just been stopped for 20mins. So it happens with a hot or cold engine and appears to be intermittant and it can be as much as two days before it does it. Sometimes it stalls 3 or 4 times a day.

After calling out the RAC, (it started when he showed up). It has been to the local Kia Dealer for a ECM fault code download. There were no codes to read and they had it two days and it would'nt misbehave for them.

The really strange thing is, it drives perfectly ok, no fault lights on dash. It is like there a lack of diesel to the engine or an air leak in the fuel system but if there was it should do it very morning on start up, which it doesn't.

Any Ideas guys? when unplugging the MAF sensor it correctly went into limp home mode. I have swapped the MAF for a low milage second hand one monday eve and all ok until this morn.

Any help appreciated

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Hi, Only had two Diesels in my life a VX ZAfira B 1.9cdti and my 06 Sportage 2.0l XE, If it's the first turn over of the day then it sounds like air in the Diesel lines ?? theres the pump, distributor HP pipes then the Diesel injectors BUT ther is the Vaccum pump that vaccumes the fuel lines and expels any air in the Diesel system. thats how i beleive it anyway ?? a mate of mine had a problem on his Diesel Citroen and he had a small pinhole in the High preasure pipe to the injector hence the air in the system and taking it ages to turn over as the vaccum pump expels the air then it will start the engine ???? So if it starts and runs ok "eventualy" then its air in the Diesel pipes/system or blocked fuel filter as Blow-in says ??
Any tiny leak will cause it to fail to start at the first turn of the key, take the engine cover off and get a mate to turn over the engine whilst you have a torch to check the HP pipes and you might see a misting of Diesel ???

check from the fuel filter to the

Diesel pump,

HP pipe to destributor,

Hp pipes to injectors

the vaccum pump will be near the Diesel Pump, as i say this is how I know the Diesel fuel system works ??? if im wrong then im sorry, im not a mechanic but then thats why we join owners forums so everyone can help eachother??

hope you discover the problem matey let me know how you get on.


ps. forgive any spelling mistakes lol
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