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My understanding is OTA is available while your Kia Connect subscription lasts.
Depends on country Not sure how SloviKIA works on connect. But in the UK we get 7 free years. But it has just been announced as per link in OP post. That MY22 cars will get 2 free OTA updates this year & after that to continue it will be a subscription based model. (pricing yet to be announced) to continue with OTA
All older MY years will not get any OTA updates (might change, but do not hold your breath)

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I referred to QandA section in that article. Maybe I didn't get it well 馃し鈥嶁檪锔 I thought it means that while you keep your KIA Connect alive, you have wireless update services as well - this could be over the 7 free years hopefully. Do they mean by extending "service portfolio" rather than "duration"? I think condition in Slovakia will be similar to yours, so far I was calm, but you got me out of comfort zone now if it will be extra paid service :)

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