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Should you one day notice a squeaking sound eminating from your clutch when the pedal is slowly depressed with the motor off, a sound similar to an old unlubricated door hinge menacingly being opened in a horror film, then your fulcrum may be dry and in need of some attention. Key to a successful fix is having the correct applicator for the necessary spray lubricant. The depression in the clutch fork where the fulcrum is seated is deep enough to make it difficult to impossible to just spray grease in with a standard tube. A nozzle that sprays about 45 degrees to the side is required. The holes on one side of the nozzle can even be blocked off to avoid unnecessary mess inside the gearbox.
Simply guide the nozzle with the help of a mirror if necessary, to the point where the photo below is marked "grease". Just a short burst from the spray can will be enough to eliminate the squeak when correctly delivered. Better too little grease, than well lubricated clutch friction surfaces.
It will probably be possible to push the outer end of the fork away from the fulcrum towards the slave cylinder with a finger so that grease will run between the fork and fulcrum head. Spray can grease will not be as good as the original lubricant so this sequence may need to be included in your annual maintenance plan. A short burst of compressed air to the area prior to lubricating will not go astray either.
Replacing the rubber boot back in place may be a bit tricky, some silicone grease followed up by checking all 4 sides of the boot with a mirror for correct placement will ensure that the gearboxes water tight integrity remains tip top.

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