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Hi everyone, have found many sites and links for KIA code reading guidance, but still having a few problems, would be great if any one out there can help,may be a KIA technician on here even
?? .............

Ok the car:

sportage glx,abs,4wd, 2.0L dohc 16v.

Diagnostic plug next to battery, rectangular 20 pin, NOT EOBD
, its to old. Like the owner

The dlc plug has a choice of 3 pins for a jumper wire to flash the engine check light.

The ENG TEST terminal has to be used then either a pin for the 1.6L or a seperate pin for the 2.0L

Unless the diagrams i have are wrong, i have to use the 1.6L option to read the codes for a 2.0L, but the codes retrieved are many and would suggest the car should not be runing.

When i use the 2.0L pin connection, then engine check light is like a candle flickering in the wind, no way to read any codes.

So my call for help this christmass is:

Does any body have a simple step by step, 1-10, etc guide on how exactly to short out the dlc plug to receive the engine fault codes on the 2.0L sportage.........

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