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Thought it could help some folks with a simple guide on the removal of the SatNav/Media on the MK4. My car is a 2016 1.7 CRDi. (SatNav model number F1510WK)

It's a very simple process, but would recommend you take your time, as refitting is slightly more tricky than removal,

Tools you will need:-
10mm Socket
Small Flat Head Screwdriver
"Philips"/Cross-head Screwdriver.
Trim removal tools (optional)

The Satnav unit is located behind the central air vents. These can only be accessed by the removal of the Passenger Air bag switch, the thin facia trim ( the piece that contains the passenger airbag lights and SD card cover) and partial removal of the climate/auto control units. It's actually a very simple and easy process, so would say no prior knowledge is required.

All of the steps are best accessed from the passenger seat, and will require the passenger door to be fully opened for the first few steps.

Step 1
Ensured that the passenger airbag was turned to "off" before disconnecting the battery using a10mm socket. Once this was done the plastic end cap needs to removed to access the end of the trim panel. I opted to lever the piece out from rear - curved edge as it means the door seal remains undisturbed, but this has damaged one of the lugs in the process. - Alternatively the end cap can be removed completely by pulling off part of the door seal, but i found refitting the seal very difficult as this end piece is located back between part of the seal itself. Both are photographed.
There was no need to unplug the airbag switch in either case.
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Step 2:
Remove the screw holding the trim in place (Red) , and level out the two retaining clips (Yellow) using the small flathead screwdriver. (You can see the damage to the lug in the 1st photo)
The trim piece can now be removed from the facia as it is just held in by clips. (i stared at the passenger side and worked my way towards the steering column) - This is where the trim removal tool can be optional.

To completely remove the facia a connector to the airbag lights will need to be disconnected.
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Step 3.
This now gives access to the 3 screws holding the lower control panel in place, (one is recessed) (Red arrows) and the 2 holding the air vent surround in place. The lower control panel will only need to be loosened so the SD card part of the unit can pass over it.
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Step 4
The air vents can now be removed. (I started the the bottom and worked my way up. it is very stiff to get out, but it is now only held in by clips) - sorry for the fuzzy photo!
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Step 5
The main unit can now be removed via the 2 screws on either side of the unit, (4 in total)
There is also a further connector under the unit that will need to be disconnected to allow the unit to be fully withdrawn and gain access to the rear cables, which once disconnected will allow the unit to be removed from the car.
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Refitting is reversal of removal, however i did find getting the connector under the unit back into place tricky, just to to the space available, and also getting the lower part of the trim back into place, but it does go back into place with a good fit.
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