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I have a Sportage 2003 2lt DOHC and the 4 wheel drive is not engaging. have replaced all the vacuum pipes and tested the diverter vale and all ok and no leaks.
when I removed the front outer hubs and checked the gears and diaphragms all seem ok. But how does the vacuum work to suck the diaphragm to engage the sliding gear to engage as there is no holes in the hub to allow air to be sucked ?.

I have used an air line to bow air in to the rubber pipe with the hub removed and nothing is blowing out of anything or anywhere. I have dismantled the out hub and refitted the disengagement spring to the outside of the sliding gear so this gives it constant 4 wheel drive and just using the 4-wd engagement lever to select 2 or 4wd until some one can advise the correct operation of the hub assembly.

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