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Hi all, had the Sorento some time now and it's a full head in front of the Discos that preceded it
Lots of positive to pass on re. living with,towing long distances/torque etc. BUT, out of nowhere

it's gone on the sick and won't go!!

Does this sound odd or what? went as normal 100 miles or so, stopped for sandwich, then would'nt go! churned it a bit but wasn't happening so had the recovery, yer man in the cape

came, did some more churning-- nought-- keyed the blipper a few times, churned it some more

reluctantly it started. He said it was the immobiliser?finished journey, started home some time later
60 miles later turbo blew.

another caped crusader recovered us by truck

Local garage has fitted new turbo but can't start it. Says I gotta have 1 new injector (£300
) and

even then, that might not do it. Apparently, it tow starts and runs but won't start on starter.

Now, I see a big bill escalating here, but its hard to believe that a recently crisp, tight motor should

throw such a paddy!!

Service history all good, 85000 mls. never started instantly at half crank, always needed 5/8 turns to start, but never a hint of failing to do so till now, any suggestions would be warmly appreciated

box of matches and gallon of petrol accepted!!!

Many thanks chaps,

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Hi Daisymae,

I have a sorento xs 05 plate had from new currently on164000 miles always serviced on time by myself started first time evert time then out of the blue wouldnt start one morning 12/14 cranks or a booster charger thought it was duff battery,changed it no difference possibly compression injector failure. i checked this quite easily got can of easy start halfords open your air filter box spray in easystart while engine being cranked if your motor start can guarantee you 1 or more injectors have failed mine had 2 gone cost me £400 shop around garages differ greatly on price let me know how you get on
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