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Hi everyone,

Iam new to this and I amin need ofadvice, please.

My 2005 manual diesel Sorento 'XS' I had owned since new, with 38900 miles on the clock, had developedanunexpectedand sudden gearboxfailure while towing my caravan in Spain on the 5th January 2011. Travelling on the Motorway at my towing speed of 55 mph, it started offas acontinuouslow whine coming from the transmission/gearbox and after about 5 miles the car suddenly juddered to a complete halt, making a horredoussound as if dragging a large lump of steel under the car.

KIA Dealer in Zaragoza, Spain, diagnosed 'serious' gearboxfailure (transfer boxand clutch wereOK) and fitted a brand new manual gearbox which set me back ‚¬5045 (£4200) to get meback on the road again.

The car has always been regularly serviced by KIA Dealer(s), has never been off-roading, has always been driven carefully by myself, but is used astowcar to tow my Bailey Senator caravan well within the guidelines set in the Owners Manual. This is the first and only thingever to go wrong with my Sorento since buying it new in September 2005.The car originally came with a 3 year KIA warranty.

Has anyone out there experienced or heard ofa similarproblem with the Sorento manual gearbox?Does anyone know ifthere is a design defect or manufacturing problem with this gearbox? Has anyone been succesfully reimbursed by KIA for a similar failure?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Peter P.
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