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Does anybody know if the 1.4 crdi engine on the UB series has :

A solid cast camshaft ?
A hollow tube with pressed on lobes ?

Some background info on why I am asking the question.......

Camshafts have always been made from a solid piece of metal usually cast iron. This has been strong and reliable solution for many years. Modern camshafts however are made of thin wall tubular steel with the camshaft lobes pressed, induction shrink fitted or broached onto a hollow shaft. This method of construction is very light weight and therefore helps the manufacturer achieve more economic and versatile production, power/performance & better fuel economy results. A camshaft manufactured in this way is known as an “Assembled Camshaft”.

A common problem has come to light over recent years with the introduction of these light weight camshafts. If an engine suffers timing belt or chain failure and the piston crown comes into contact with the valves in the cylinder head a chain reaction is set off through the valve train which can shift the lobes on the shaft and alter the phase timing across the whole of the camshaft. This isn't good but even worse this problem is very difficult to identify and replacement camshaft(s) can be expensive
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