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I have feelings of guilt. Treachery.

Been feeling a bit down about the rattles and engine noise, so put on a disguise
and went to test a VW Move up! BlueMotion Technology (£9330). It feels a lot like the Picanto in terms of size and power/acceleration. The power steering assists more, so the steering doesn't have the good, weighty feel of the Picanto. The low-speed comfort/ride in town is slightly better, as the suspension feels softer (which means a bit more body roll in the bends). It has start-stop, which worked very well. Free VED. The normal models are £20 to tax. It has drum brakes at the rear, and the braking isn't as vicious as the Picanto's. No rattles! Nice little car.
I can't make the change though, as I would have to lose about £3500 on my car
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