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I had a slow puncture a couple of weeks ago, where I was having to top up the O/S front tyre every other day. TPMS working fine and showing me which tyre had the issue. Thought I would have to replace the tyre, but couldn't find anything on the tyre itself, not nails etc. Using some soapy water I could see the aluminium stem was where the problem was.
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Looked online to see how much a replacement stem was but there was a choice of 2 stems, but most things I could find pointed to the same one as seen on this kia website:

Anyway just so people know for the Ceed at least this is the right stem for the TPMS (assuming they've not been changed to a different type at some stage if the battery has died).

This is the old one and the one that is a direct replacement. I didn't see the tyre guy take the old one off, but I did get the old one, you can see the rubber washer is broke. It had what seemed like black silicone sealant around it so maybe someone has tried a botch sealant job!?! Also not sure if the old one had the nylon washer and alloy washer either. Lastly the new reatining nut is a slightly different size but I think it's better as it requires a 12mm spanner not an 11mm like the old one. Being made of aluminium they're not that robust. £10 to replace the stem, and £15 for a pack of 4 stems. Hope this is of use to people.
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