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How do I set the recharge % in my eNiro to stop at 80%? Can I monitor the charge other than the 3 green lights indicating the recharge progression?

2021 Kia E-Niro 4+
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If you use the Kia Connect app, you can set it in the Charging/Energy section on the Home page of the app.

You can monitor the battery level and GoM range, amongst other things, from the status page on the app.

I think you can also do both from the EV section of the car display.

2021 Soul EV FE
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In the car, press the EV button to get to this screen...
(picture and some text from the Soul manual)
Font Material property Technology Screenshot Multimedia

Once you select the "Charge management", lower left on the EV screen above, you get more options...

Select "Charging limit" on the left hand side
(picture from the Soul manual)
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Multimedia

Hopefully you can take it from there!
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2020 Kia E-Niro 4
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I spent an hour with the car when I first got it going through all the menus just to see what was there, there are so many different options, even now I forget where some things are.
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