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My Rio 1.4 crdi diesel is on its 8th service interval and would like to do service myself, having serviced plenty of cars.

Does anyone have a recommended service interval maintenance chart.

replace diesel fuel filter every 2 years or 20000 miles.
Replace air filter every.....
Replace engine oil & filter every.....
Replace engine coolant every....
Replace brake fluid every....
Replace timing chain....
Replace fan belt every....

I'm on my 8 year service after 7 years dealer service, now at 30,000 miles. Past dealer receipts don't give much detail apart from the amount and a useless checklist.

Amounts seem to be big bill followed by smaller bill. Im guessing big bill is for fuel filter as it's a pain to get to.


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Either handbook, or service book should list what needs changing & when.

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Thanks, found it in the user handbook. Never had the need to break open the handbook until now, simple case of RTFM:)
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