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I followed this guide :-
I used a flast bladed screwdriver to prise the dash away from the rest. Time to remove facia about 10mins, cost 0.00. Stereo is a Sony XAV-60 from Halfords in their clearance, spotted it as it had a slight mark on top, down from £299.99 to £199.99. Really simple to connect, there are 2 cables that are no longer used so I tucked them out the way. Ordered facia adaptor off ebay for £29.99 + £5 p&p. Should be here tomorrow or saturday! Looks sweet and runs really well. The Cee'd stereo space is at just the right height and angle for a multimedia unit.

Next job, fit Parrot Bluetooth and then a incar PC.

PS, I live near Peterborough if you need any help/want to see how the Sony looks.

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