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Hi all.

Newby here and wondering if anyone can solve a problem I'm having with my motor.

The vehicle is 04 Sedona 2.9 turbo SE auto which I have had from new, most of the time when

being driven it purr's like a kitten then every now and then there is a sudden loss of power, a couple

of quick flicks of the accelerator and the power is restored .It's been doing this now for the last

3 years but only when the weather gets really cold. (No problem whatsoever during the summer months).

The engine never cuts out ,it just drops to tick over, also there is never any indication on the engine management light that there is a fault. I have tried a couple of things like washing the accelerator

pedal rheostat with electrical cleaning fluid, and juggling the fuel pump relay trying to eliminate

possibilities, but the problem still exist.

I note in a previous post by Paulfoel 10 Nov 2011 had a similar fault so I was wondering if he solved it

and what was it he had to have done. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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