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I'm new to the forum

I have had a Y reg sedona for 5 years, until the big end went and i upgraded to a 52 plate sedona last December (2008), with about 78000 miles on the clock, its a 2.9crdi diesel

since i had it the engine management light came on intermittently, and occasionally some whitish/bluish smoke from the exhaust when accelerating, this got worse, and then the car started cutting out whilst driving mostly on the motorway, usually at between 65 and 70, asnd i have to then cruise over to the hard shoulder, where there is one, without power at all

Also, the car starts perfectly on cold mornings, but after driving for 30 mins or more, it won't start again from hot, i have to wait until it cools down again, or else I now use easy start, as it got to the stage where it was getting worse

I got the car off a secoind hand dealer, and since I raised the issues with him, he's tried his best to rectify it, but still i have the problems

the car had had diagnosis including by kia and advice from kia has been fuel filter, new common rail, its been to a diesel specialist to check fuel pressure etc, and still no-one knows how to fix it, i have read on another forum of TPS proble,ms, whatever that is, but wondered if anyone else out there can assist with how they fixed this......

it seems a common problem.......

is there a sensor that could be heating up too much and cutting off flow at crucial moments?? like at speed and hot starts.....(using easy start, a very minute squirt, starts car straight away)


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