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Hi All,

Can someone help, I have done a little search engine work on the net, and I cannot find anyone that has had the same problem. I have a 59 plate sedona 3, you know, the all singing all dancing one. About 5-6 times now, I have left the car, and come back to find the near side passenger door open. Initially, I thought the car had been broken into, but when it happened again I started to keep my eye on it.

It happened again tonight, went into the local DIY store, and came out to find the door open. I know I locked the car, as it was still locked, and I know the door was shut when I went in, as I have got into the habit of glancing back a couple of times to check. I have done the usual stuff, such as checking to make sure the seat beltis not trapped, and that there is not a pen rattling around in the runner. I know i'll book it in at the dealership, and as the fault is so intermittant, it will come back as is, as you cant fix something that aint broke.

Anyone aware of this issue, or am i going nut's!
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