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Last July I had the clutch changed on our 2006 sedona as it was slipping, roll forward to last Friday....
My other half was on the M27 in slow moving traffic, in & out of 1st/2nd gear for a good half hour.

Eventualy she the had the problem where she got 1st gear but no motion & 4.5K revs.

The AA were called & they confirmed "clutch has gone" an hour later the recovery truck arrived & the AA fella got 1st gear no problem & the car moved fine "the clutch has cooled" so he drove it on to the flat bed for recovery back to Newbury, where the car was dropped off at 23:00outside the garage who did the original clutch change (forgot to say the original change took 4 days?).

Monday call from garage "Sorry sir there is nothing wrong with the clutch, we have driven the car with no problems"

Anyway end result is they still have the car but apparently they have called the Technical dept of ADL who make/supplied the new clutch & all I'm now getting from them is "it's clutch fade & you'll get it when sat in traffic"

So my question to you in the Sedona fraternity is ........ Anybody else had this so called clutch fade? & can it be fixed.

Next move is to collect car argue about the labour bill I suspect is lurkinground the corner, then probably take the car to Kia in Basingstoke for some advise..............unless yopu helpfull people can help.

Thanks for any help offered & sorry it's a long first post.

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