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Please remember that all of these faraday pouches ‘wear’ as such. I’ve had a number of them over the last 5 years and only purchased pouches which had high reviews from various places. However, they all seem to only last a few months at best and then a new one is required.

I purchased a metal tin for the key a while back and that seems to work for me and doesn’t wear off. However price is more expensive, think I paid £30and also it’s more bulky so doesn’t just slip into smaller pockets but it does seem to do the job.

this is the link to the tin I bought.

I bought a couple of Halfords finest Faraday pouches when I got my Niro in 2019. One is in daily use and the other has the second key in it. I tested the "daily" one yesterday by progressively moving it away from the car until the key fob was no longer recognized. This occurred when the key was about 5 ft from the car. I also tested it at various heights above ground level and the same result was found from ground level to the key being on the top step of a 5ft high stepladder. This was repeated for both pouches with the same result. So, at about 27months of daily use there appears to be little or no degradation of the pouches. Pretty good I reckon for a tenner each!
My son and daughter-in-law "lost" her BMW X5 overnight a few months back. They kept the key visibly on a windowsill next to the front door.. They got little sympathy from the police, not surprisingly ("it's just another one of many, sir"). They had never heard of a Faraday pouch. When we visited yesterday, there was the key to the replacement Rangerover, sitting on the windowsill nest to the front door! Some people never learn!!! I took them straight down to Halfords and bought them a couple of pouches.....:rolleyes:
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