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I have a Sedona SX TDi reg. 2001 and I need toget the webbing shortend on the seat belt buckle so that I can put a baby seat, as currently they too long and prevent the seat from installed correctly. On the rear seats this has not been a problem. I have simply unscrewed the blot attaching to the frame, sent the buckle and webbing assembly away and re-fitted it when it returned.

The problem is on the two seats in the middle of the car. The bolt securing the buckle webbing to the seat is behindthe hingemechanisum for the allowing the seat to fold down and recline. My concern with removing this, is the coil spring located in the mechanisum. If I remove the plate from the side of the seat is this spring going unwind?

Has anyone down this job before? If so how easy was it and what happened?

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